VERY IMPORTANT: Before you pursue to the submission system, you must create first an easychair account through signup, creating a username and password, this could be done at this link!

Once you did the previous step you need to log in with the created username and password at the next step, the conference abstract/paper submission system.

The QIRT2020 Conference extended abstract submission is now closed. After acceptance the full papers can be uploaded through the Easychair conference manuscripts management system here!

When you submit the abstract you are requested to specify if it is a oral or poster presentation and if it is expected to qualify for a award.

​ All submission have to be made using the provided templates:

Attribution 4.0 International - CC BY 4.0 here!

​ Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International - CC BY-ND 4.0 here!

​ The paper of your contribution will be published in the proceedings (on USB stick) and in the internet as PDF file. We want your contribution to get the desired attention and circulation, but cannot control or regulate the use, especially in the internet. The copyright belongs to the author.

To protect your rights as author and to make the legal situation transparent for users, the FEUP will only publish contributions which have been released by an open, certified license by the author.
Please choose the desired license for your paper and download the relevant template.

Details and the links to the license texts in full length you can find below.

The editor of the proceedings, FEUP, assumes that the author has obtained all rights of use for illustrations and texts included in this paper which are not originally created by the author. The responsibility for acquisition of the copyright belongs to the author.

​ Please note that we do not provide LaTeX templates.

​ All posters should be size A1, local printing service will be available for a fee of 30 €.